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Frequently asked questions

I have questions regarding my bill.
For game billing support
Please be aware if you are an AOL user, or if you use free webmail (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc) you may be blocked from receiving your membership confirmation, as well as our replies to your queries regarding password problems, technical problems, etc. Before contacting your webmail provider to report the issue, please check your spam and trash folders.

E-mail Address:
I have purchased a membership, but I'm not able to log in
In most of the cases mistyped credentials are the reason for failed logins.

Please ensure that your login information is typed correctly and EXACTLY as shown in the confirmation email you received after joining:
- no additional blanks at the beginning or the end of username and password are allowed
- regard case sensitivity
- if 'special' characters like e.g. '-' or '@' are contained they need to be entered also
When starting the software I get the message "A connection-attempt with the server failed...."
If you are getting the following message "A connection-attempt with the server failed. Retry later, check your internet connection and/or firewall settings. If this problem persists contact our support." do the following:

- Check if you are using a firewall (e.g. Windows XP SP2) which is blocking the internet access of the thriXXX software. Allow access of the thriXXX software if necessary (Port 80).
Check out;en-us;875357 for more information.

- Check if you are using a Proxy. This might cause problems transferring some data. Disable if necessary. Please do as follows:
  • Go to Tools / Internet Options.
  • Click on "Connections" and then on "LAN Settings".
  • disable the "Use a proxy server for your LAN" checkbox
  • Click "OK" 2 times
  • Retry entering the site.
In Windows Vista when starting the software I receive an error message concerning a "Connection Failure" or "Transfer Failure"
Windows Vista has strong security features which sometimes causes problems with software. You need to run the application as administator (if your Windows account doesn't have adminstrator rights).

To do so start the application by right clicking on the icon and selecting 'Run as administrator'.
Do I have to be online to play the games?
Yes, access is regulated via Internet, so you have to be online to play the full version of the game.
The thriXXX software crashes when starting, or the PC hangs completely!
In most of the cases crashes (esp. of the whole PC) are caused by older or incompatible graphic adapters.
You can try switching to Direct X:
- In the login window click on 'Options'
- In the box 'Renderer Type' click on 'Direct X', then click on 'Save'
- Try starting the software again.

Additionally we strongly recommend that you download and install the latest graphics drivers (including OpenGL support! ) for your graphics adapter. You can find some links for graphic drivers here.
When I want to login to the membersarea I am only redirected to the signup page!
This is a known issue with Microsoft Explorer.
Please do as follows:
- Go to Tools / Internet Options.
- Click on security and then on "Custom Level".
- Scroll down to "User Authentication"
- Click on "Automatic logon only in Intranet zone"
- Click "OK"
- Retry entering the site.
Is the thriXXX software available on CD/DVD?
No, currently the thriXXX software is only available online with frequent updates. A version on CD/DVD is not planned yet, but may be considered in the future. As soon as there are any news they will be announced on the website.
I have downloaded the thriXXX software, but when installing an error message appears saying that the file is corrupted or damaged by a virus.
In some cases when downloading files transfer errors may occur. In this case just try it again later.
thriXXX software products are always checked before being released and garantueed to be 100% free of viruses. But it is always adviseable to check your harddisk with a current anti-virus software, in case other programs on your PC have caused an infection.
Starting the thriXXX software takes a lot of time. It seems as if nothing happens anymore.
When starting the thriXXX software after selecting scenes/models, that you did not use before, these necessary files are downloaded automatically. This can take some time. The next startup is much faster, because these files are already available locally.
The thriXXX software runs very slow and is hard to control.
In most of the cases performance problems are caused by outdated or incompatible graphics drivers.
We strongly recommend that you download and install the latest graphics drivers (including OpenGL support! ) for your video adapter.

Furthermore consider the system requirements.
Please note that the thriXXX software requires at least 64MB of video memory to run. If your card is below this spec you might still be able to play the game, however your video quality and speed will suffer!
When I want to start the plugin I get the following errormessage: "The thriXXX software is not installed correctly for this user, registry keys are missing. Please reinstall the software!"
Probably the current account on your PC doesn't have enough rights for a correct installation of the plugin.
Please try reinstalling the plugin after a reboot or login as "Administrator" and try again.